EPJ Applied Metamaterials - Forthcoming

  • Design of a transmissive dual-frequency polarization rotator for linearly polarized electromagnetic wave
    Linhao Chen, Guowen Ding, Xinyao Luo and Shenyun Wang
    Accepted: 04/03/2024
  • Dispersion Diagram Reconstruction of Effectively Bianisotropic Composite Periodic Media
    Michalis Nitas, Maria Kafesaki and Samel Arslanagic
    Accepted: 27/02/2024
  • Directing of conductive heat in some types of thermal metamaterials
    Alexey Maslov
    Accepted: 25/01/2024
  • Electromagnetic cloak design with mono-objective and bi-objective optimizers: seeking the best tradeoff between protection and invisibility
    Ronald Aznavourian, Guillaume Demesy, S├ębastien Guenneau and Julien Marot
    Accepted: 27/11/2023