EPJ Applied Metamaterials - Forthcoming

  • Applications of Negative permeability metamaterials for wireless power transfer systems
    凯琦 聂, Kaiqi Nie and Qing Hou
    Accepted: 28/11/2022
  • Safe energy-storage mechanical metamaterials via architecture design
    Junjie You, Chengyu Wang, Li Ma and Sha Yin
    Accepted: 23/11/2022
  • Thin layers of microwave absorbing metamaterials with carbon fibers and FeSi alloy ribbons to enhance the absorption properties
    Lingxi Huang, Yuping Duan and Huifang Pang
    Accepted: 23/11/2022
    Luis Alfonso Nuñez Betancourt and José Andrés Matutes-Aquino
    Accepted: 10/11/2022
  • Dynamic transmission-reflection dichroism based on humidity-responsive metal-hydrogel-metal nanocavities
    Jian Zhang, Dandan Wang, Qiang Li, Yunbin Ying, Runhu Li, Mingliang Cheng, Yingxin Chen and Xuefeng Zhang
    Accepted: 09/11/2022