EPJ Applied Metamaterials - Forthcoming

  • Ultra-high sensitivity refractive index sensors based on double-slab structures associated with active metamaterials
    Jiangwei Chen, Sui Zeng, Tianyi Xue and Weishuai Wang
    Accepted: 30/04/2024
  • Enhanced dielectric properties of Sr2+ and Zr4+ doped BaTiO3 colossal permittivity¬†metamaterials
    Qingyang Tang, Zhicheng Shi, Shuimiao Xia, Xiaohan Bie, Yujie Yang, Dedong Bian, Daofeng Xu and Runhua Fan
    Accepted: 30/04/2024
  • Directing of conductive heat in some types of thermal metamaterials
    Alexey Maslov
    Accepted: 25/01/2024